Top 5 things to consider when you buy hair extensions

Welcome to the fourth edition of all you need to know about hair extensions.

We have all been there. We know nothing about hair extensions, need to buy a set and we are on the internet looking for answers. Let’s end that search once and for all.

In this edition, we discuss, top 5 things to consider when you buy hair extensions:


One of the first things to consider when buying hair extensions is identifying the type of hair extension you need.  Hair extensions have various different application types and range in colour, length and quality.  Remy hair extensions is one to look out for and are deemed to be the highest of quality.


Another important factor to be aware of when buying hair extensions is the quality of the Weft.  A Weft should be professionally sewn to a high level and there shouldn’t be any strands pushing through the sides of the weft.

Number 3. DO THEY SHED?

When you buy high quality hair extension you will notice that the best quality extensions will not shed, even after styling many times.  Test the quality by running your fingers through the extensions before application.  You should find that your fingers glide through the hair effortlessly with very little shedding.  You may experience some shedding but it should be minimal, only a few strands at most.


After checking for shedding, you should also check the thickness.  They should have the same thickness from the top to the bottom.  Before applying the hair extensions, hold the weft up to the light and check to make sure there are no gaps in-between the hair.  If you notice lots of gaps, or the hair is thicker at the top than at the bottom, then the hair extensions are probably not the highest of quality.


If you are buying high quality clip-in extensions one of the main elements to check is the clips themselves.  Does the clip-in-weft fit firmly against your own hair? Are the clips comfortable? Do the clips cause the weft to slip down your own hair?

You need to check all these different factors to determine the quality of clip in extensions.  At So Posh we only use good quality clips.  All our clips are rubber, silicone clips and offer a strong grip that will hold onto your hair and prevent the clips sliding.

The good news is, we perform these checks and more on each set of hair extensions we supply to our customers. Assuring, your set of hair is top quality.

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