Caring for your hair extensions

Truly, not everyone can boast of natural hair that turns heads everywhere they go. That is why the need for human hair extensions and wigs such as Russian hair extensions, Indian hair, Remy human hair extensions, Chinese hair and other types of virgin hair are in demand, whatever their prices.

Some women are able to use reuse their human hair extensions for a very long time due to the maintenance and hair care practices they observe. They better you are able to take care of your human hair, the longer it will last for you.

Do not think that because they are called hair products, that care is not needed.  Your human hair extensions, just like your natural hair, require the necessary care and attention. So, no matter the assurances from your seller of your hair extensions being of the highest quality, go ahead and give those hairpieces the best care they deserve.

While most of our discussions are usually on Clip-In hair extensions, the tips we will be giving is also applicable for most types of Remy human hair extensions

Maintenance Tips

To maintain your hair extensions and keep them in the best conditions possible, you’re advised to follow these tips:


  • It is important you shampoo and condition your hair every at least once a week to remove dirt and oil build-ups, using the Muk Ultra Soft Shampoo and the Muk 1 Minute Soft Treat ONLY (You’re advised never to use any other product on Posh Hair).
  • Do not wash your hair more than three times a week. Washing the hair too often will make your hair too dry and this can damage the hair rapidly, even if it is of high quality.
  • It’s best you wash your hair with cold water and the appropriate shampoo, applying a Leave-In conditioner after washing. Keep your hair dry at all times.
  • If you have tape-In extension, you cannot wash your hair within a 72-day interval, as this can cause your hair to slip.
  • After washing your hair, ensure you dry immediately, as tape cannot stay wet. Failure to dry will result in the hair slipping out; with the glue dissolving and shed.


  • You can get rid of tangles by using a wide-toothed brush or a detangling brush.
  • Do not simply insert the brush at the hair root and start combing away; instead, commence from the ends or tips and slowly get to the top (the root of the hair).
  • While brushing, avoid shedding (pulling some strands of the hair) by supporting your extension with your hands.

Drying Hair

  • Simply pat your hair dry and avoid rubbing with a towel, as this can lead to breakage and matting.
  • It is always advisable to allow your human hair extensions dry in air. There’s a trending culture of constant use hairdryer. This should be avoided, as it can lead to damage of your hair.
  • However, if using the dryer is quite necessary, then the cool setting should be used while you gently comb out with a wide-toothed brush.

 Styling Human Hair Extensions

Using Heat

Sleeping With Your Hair

  • Do not go to bed with your human hair while it is wet or roughly in place. This can result in tangles.
  • Just before sleeping, plait the hair, roll with a bendy roller or pin it u.
  • Sleeping with a satin cap is also advised. This reduces friction to a large extent.

Before and After Swimming

  • Prior to any swimming activity, in the pool or elsewhere, apply a Leave-In conditioner ad plait your hair.
  • Shampoo and condition as soon as possible after your swimming exercise.

General Care Tips

  • Avoid touching your hair regularly.
  • Always dry your hair thoroughly.
  • Whenever your scalp feels itchy, then apply oil. Do not scratch; this can use frizzy roots.
  • Store your human hair in well-ventilated storage packs. Do this in such a way that they do not get tangled.

Finally, having a human hair extension that lasts long usually comes at a price. And the price you must pay is regular maintenance by observing these tips we’ve just outlined. With a good and regular hair care routine, you can wear and enjoy your hair extensions for months on end without feeling the need to change them.  At SoPosh, we offer free hair care tips. Do not hesitate to contact us for your hair care solutions.

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