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    Our Russian hair extensions will suit fine and very straight hair types and will be a perfect match for people with Eastern European and European hair. Russian hair will give you a very natural and seamless look as the fine hairs blend beautifully with your own.
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    At So Posh, we offer comprehensive hair extension training to you in person, improving your knowledge of hair extension products and application. We provide full certification allowing you to offer this additional service to your clients and grow your business. You can also find more information on our Training Courses page.
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    At So Posh Hair Extensions our Packages include everything you need to ensure you get the look you've always wanted, we provide the most popular application methods that are also non-damaging
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    It is advised that hair extensions are moved up every six to eight weeks, depending on the natural growth of your hair. As your hair lengthens, the extensions will grow out. When you are ready for your extensions to be moved, one of our So Posh stylists can remove the extensions and replace them.
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    To best maintain your hair extensions you will need the help of certain tools, accessories and supplies. You will find everything from tape to glue, brushes to stainless steel tools, making your hair extensions experience look flawless.