How to look after hair extensions?

Sewn-in wefts are normally made from human hair, meaning they are high quality but very fragile.  To apply the hair extensions, a stylist interweaves the hair along the scalp and then sews sections of hair into the braids.  Taking proper care of your hair extensions will ensure they look better and last longer.  By careful washing and conditioning along with gentle handling and styling you will find your extensions can last the six to eight weeks that would be expected from good quality hair extensions.

1. No scratching

Sometimes your scalp may feel itchy because of the tight braids, in which case you can lightly oil your scalp.  With your fingertips, apply a little coconut oil to the areas of the scalp that are affected.  Refrain from scratching your head, this will only cause further irritation and can lead to frizzy roots and obvious tracks.

2. Keep em’ clean

Keep the extensions clean by washing them every seven to fourteen days.  Choose a shampoo that is gentle on hair and of good quality.  Also make sure to condition your hair every time you wash your hair extensions.  So Posh recommends MILK Shampoo & Conditioner, which we also supply and can be ordered via our website.

3. Dry your hair

Pat your hair after getting out of the shower to remove any excess water and help extensions dry.  Do not rub your hair and extensions with a towel as this can roughen the hair cuticle and create messy hair shafts. Never go to bed with wet or damp hair extensions, allow them to dry fully.  Sleeping on wet hair extensions can damage them and leading to knotted hair.  If you can, sleep on a silk pillowcase or place a silk scarf around your head to project your hair from creating friction with the pillow.

4. Style with care

Take care when styling your hair or detangling your hair after washing or being in water.  Start at the bottom end of the extension and work your way towards the top to reduce pulling on the hair. Never color or perm your hair extensions by yourself.  If you want to change the style or color, your extension specialist can sew in extensions that are color and style you want. Use heated styling tools, such as straighteners, in moderation to prevent the hair extensions from becoming brittle and dry.

5. Professional Care

Book an appointment with your stylist around 6 to 8 weeks after the hair extensions have been sewn in. Your specialist will be able to remove them or position filler tracks in the braids to bring your look up to date. If your hair is showing signs of damage, such as being broken at the roots, ask your stylist to detach the braids and allow your hair to recover and rejuvenate for at least six months.

As always, feel free to send us any questions you may have.

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