All About Curly Hair Extensions

Curly hair extensions are like the holy grail of hair extensions. They are among the top of the range wavy hair extensions that are designed to give your natural hair a facelift. In this article, we will be presenting you with everything you need to know about curly hair extensions and how you can utilise their various features to your advantage.

What Are Curly Hair Extensions?

These are usually clip-in extensions that are designed for curly hair, kinky hair and kinky curly hair. They can be installed by attaching the clips on the wefts to your natural hair. This makes it possible for individuals to install these hair extensions by themselves without the need for going to a hair salon. They do not have to be sewn in or glued to your head like hair weaves or other types of hair extensions. That’s to say; they come without the hassles associated with the regular hair extensions, as they can be easily taken in and out.

Many ladies may have given up on the mission to grow curly hair – they do take a lot of time. They do not have to wait that long to wear a curly clip-in hairpiece. There are curly extensions to take care of their worries.

On the other hand, for ladies with curly, kinky who thinks that hair extensions are strictly for straight-haired folks, you cannot be farther away from the truth. Well, I use to feel the same too. There are extensions for curly-haired ladies also. Extensions with curls do exist, and they’re made in two different ways – chemically, where the hair is permed to create the curl, or by steaming, where the hair is put on a rod and set with steam.

Some ladies are usually concerned on the lifespan of curly extensions. The lifespan of your curly hair extensions, just like every hair extension type out there, depends on various factors, such as the type of care that you provide for them, how often you wear them, and how often you use heat styling tools on them. But generally, the curly hair extensions that we provide can last anywhere between six months to a year, or even longer.

How Do I Choose The Right Curly Human Hair Extensions?

There are a wide range of curly hair extensions, they include:

  • Loose Curly: If you are after curls that are not too curly, then the loose curly extension is for you. They present with natural curls, and they appear more relaxed when installed. They appear in an S pattern and can come in different types.
  • Deep Waves: This is the perfect curly hair extension for ladies seeking after thicker curls. It presents with both tight and denser features. While this curly extension has a smooth and softer texture, it is typically thicker than the loose curly hair extensions.
  • Deep Curly: This type of curly hair extension is suitable for ladies with natural curls, but lacks the thickness that goes with them. They come with deep curly length and can add much volume to your hair. It brings a more natural look to your hair.
  • Aunty Funmi Hair: This curly hair extension has increasingly become a favourite of black women. Popularly known as the bouncy curls, it gives your natural hair a certain thickness and feels to it. It is well-loved by the ladies because it is very easy to maintain while grabbing the attention of the audience when you walk in wearing one.
  • Kinky Curls: It is suitable for adding an extra volume to your hair. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey may have popularised it. So, if you seek that black girl’s power look, then this is the right hairpiece for you.
  • Pixie Curls: This is another curly extension with the bouncy feel. It comes in a smooth and soft texture. Its length can come in short or long variation. It gives the ladies an elegant and comfortable look.
  • Baby Curls: It truly takes after its name, appearing in real baby hair form. It is one of the popular curly hair extensions for the ladies. It comes in a smooth and fluffy texture.

How To Wash Curly Hair Extensions

With curly hair extensions, you have the opportunity to rock curly hair even when you don’t naturally have one. Caring for your curly hair extensions comes easy, you just have to use the right products and adopt a proper washing technique.

  • Wash your curly hair extensions in the shower. This way, you have all the space you need to hang it loosely and allow it to dry.
  • Choose the right shampoo and add it to your curly hair extension.
  • You can also apply some shampoo to your hands and use it to massage your extension.
  • It is advisable that you do not wash along with the bonding areas.
  • Use cool or warm water to rinse the extension after washing.
  • Squeeze water from the hair, but do this slowly.
  • Apply a suitable quantity of conditioner to your extension. Be sure that they are the right ones.
  • Allow the conditioner to stay in your hair for at least a minute.
  • Use warm water to rinse the conditioner from your hair.
  • Towel-dry your curly hair extension.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner into your hair, and use your fingers to massage the curls.

How Do I Dry My Curly Hair Extensions?

It is recommended that you separate the curls of your extension before air-drying them. However, if you want to speed up the process, then you can probably use a diffuser. It makes the entire process easier. Make sure that your curly hair extensions are totally dry before installing them. Failure to do this might just add more tension to your scalp, which can stain your strands.

four women with curly and wavey hair extensions

Final Word on Curly Extensions

Trying the curly hair extensions might just be your next option in choosing the right hair extension for you. They may probably become a hit with you, giving you that elegant and beautiful look. Would you want to try our curly hair extensions? You’re welcome to try our store.