Colour matching your hair extensions in Brisbane

To have stunningly beautiful, natural looking hair extensions, there are a number of factors that need to be considered: Will the hair extensions match my natural hair colour? What length of hair extensions do I need for the look I want? Do I need them installed by a technician or hair stylist? Do I need […]

How to look after hair extensions?

Sewn-in wefts are normally made from human hair, meaning they are high quality but very fragile.  To apply the hair extensions, a stylist interweaves the hair along the scalp and then sews sections of hair into the braids.  Taking proper care of your hair extensions will ensure they look better and last longer.  By careful […]

Top 5 things to consider when you buy hair extensions

Welcome to the fourth edition of all you need to know about hair extensions. We have all been there. We know nothing about hair extensions, need to buy a set and we are on the internet looking for answers. Let’s end that search once and for all. In this edition, we discuss, top 5 things […]

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Applying Hair Extensions

Welcome to the third edition of ‘All you need to know about Hair Extensions’. In this edition, we point out the Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Applying Hair Extensions: Incorrect Placement: This is one of the most common mistakes. Correct placement is essential. Make sure your hairdresser/stylist understands placements. Exceeding the life of the […]

What are Hair Extensions, part 2

Single drawn hair, double drawn and medium drawn hair. Do these words mean anything to you? It’s hard to guess. Let us explain the difference: The main point of difference is at the hair end. That means, you can have the same weight in different types of wefts. For instance, your weft may weigh 140 […]

What are weft hair extensions; all you need to know – Part #1

Weft hair extensions are long human hair extensions that are highly versatile made with 100 % human hair and can be glued in, sewn in or clipped in. What are the different kinds of weft hair extensions? There are different types of hair extension wefts that provide different amounts of hair and thickness: A single […]

Truth About Hair Extensions #Ep.1 – Applying hair extensions

Welcome to the first episode of Truth About Hair Extensions. In this episode, we cover the application of Non – Sewn beaded WEFT HAIR. We show you the entire process as done by a professional and provide some expert advise on getting a great look. Application of Non – Sewn beaded WEFT HAIR involves: Sectioning […]