Colour matching your hair extensions in Brisbane

Dark Reddish Brown Blonde Hair Extension Colours

To have stunningly beautiful, natural looking hair extensions, there are a number of factors that need to be considered:

  • Will the hair extensions match my natural hair colour?
  • What length of hair extensions do I need for the look I want?
  • Do I need them installed by a technician or hair stylist?
  • Do I need the extensions cut in?

One of the biggest challenges we face when selling hair extensions online is getting the colour that best matches your natural hair colour without seeing you in person.

  1. You can use our online colour charts for European Hair Extensions and our Russian Hair Extensions. However, these are not always precise as sometimes, depending on your device, the colours can appear a little different on the screen.  All our hair extension colours have names that will give you an indication of the closest match to your hair colour.
  2. We provide colour rings for our European Hair Extensions and our range of Russian Hair Extensions. There is a cost to these colour rings however they do allow you to psychically check our colours against your natural hair.
  3. You can take a photograph of your hair and send to us via email, Facebook or SMS – the photo needs to be taken in good lighting for us to be able to best match the hair extensions to your own hair colour. For the best results please follow our guide on how to take a photograph of your hair for colour matching.
  4. Or alternatively, give us a call… are team have a wealth of experience in hair extensions and colour matching. Call us for one of our friendly team to discuss options for you

To help you get started… two tips for colour matching your hair extensions

  1. Match the hair extensions to the ends of your natural hair instead of the roots. The ends of your own hair will sit lie on top the hair extensions and the colour needs to blend towards the ends not match with your roots.
  2. You may need to customise or mix hair extension colours to get the closest colour to your natural tone. We stock popular mixed colours already customised because they are very popular.
Beige Blonde Hair Extension Colours