What are weft hair extensions; all you need to know – Part #1

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are long human hair extensions that are highly versatile made with 100 % human hair and can be glued in, sewn in or clipped in.

What are the different kinds of weft hair extensions?

There are different types of hair extension wefts that provide different amounts of hair and thickness:

  • A single weft means that there is only one line of hair sewn onto one mesh
  • Double wefted hair extension means that there are two single wefts sewn together on one mesh of hair.
What are the benefits of using weft hair extensions?
  1. Low Maintenance – If you don’t have a lot of time to spend styling your hair and are looking for low-maintenance options besides a short cut. Hair weft’s are a perfect substitute.
  2. Quick to style – Wearing a hair weave will allow you to style your hair in a hurry, perfect for time-crunched mornings.
  3. Great for vacations  Weaves are also great for vacation-hair. You can relax and enjoy your getaway without spending precious minutes or hours on hair-styling.