What are Hair Extensions, part 2

Single drawn hair, double drawn and medium drawn hair. Do these words mean anything to you? It’s hard to guess. Let us explain the difference:

The main point of difference is at the hair end. That means, you can have the same weight in different types of wefts. For instance, your weft may weigh 140 grams but,

Single drawn hair will have thin ends. That is possible because the entire set of hair contains shorter hair inside. If you order a 20 inch set of hair, the bunch will include, 16 inch, 18 inch even 14 inch length hair in it. Allowing, for thinner ends.

Medium drawn hair. Also known as double drawn thick ends hair. This combination of hair is a mixture of 16 inch and 18 inch hair but contains more of the 18 inch hair and less of the 16 inch hair. Therefore, it results in being thicker than the single drawn hair.

Double drawn hair. This type of hair is mostly 20 inch. This hair type contains very little short hair and is thicker than the most.

Based on how thick you need your hair ends to be, you can choose your hair type.

As always, if you have questions around any of your hair needs, feel free to contact us.

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